Emergency Spill Response

Eco-Web personnel and their key alliances have responded to and managed a large number of spills from land based small scope spills to major spills into aquatic environments. Eco-Web’s professionals are prepared to rapidly and effectively respond to a variety of spills from pipeline breaks, to tank/storage failures, to HDD frac outs and truck rollovers.  We can provide containment and recovery plans as well as logistical and management support on emergency spill responses. Eco-Web has become a specialist in wildlife management in spill response and has developed effective innovative techniques to minimize impacts.

Wildlife Management Services

  • Regulatory Liaison
  • Acquisition of Wildlife Research Permit and Collection Licence
  • Wildlife Management and Mitigation Planning
  • Wildlife Assessment
  • Wildlife Capture and Recovery
  • Wildlife Deterrents and Hazing
  • Impacted wildlife Stabilization and Transport
  • Live animal Trapping and Relocation
  • Deceased Wildlife Recovery and Processing

Spill Response and Recovery

  • Containment and Recovery
  • Logistics and Spill Site Management
  • Water Quality and Aquatics
  • Remediation and Restoration
  • Delineation
  • Soil and water sampling

Training and Preparedness

  • WCSS Spill Responder 500 Wildlife Management component
  • Wildlife Management Supply Acquisition
  • Wildlife Management Plan Preparation
  • Deterrence and Hazing for Open Water (Frac Ponds, Wastewater treatment ponds, temporary storage units)


Pengrowth Energy Corporation Pipeline Emulsion into water body Near Red Earth AB, 09-08-094-03-W5M. Spill response and Wildlife Monitoring

 On January 17th, 2014 a pipeline ruptured approximately 85km northeast of Red Earth Creek, Alberta spilling an emulsion of crude and high salinity fluid into a small water body. The initial estimated volume was 30m3 of crude oil and produced water (70% medium crude and 30% produced water). The impacted water body surface that the fluid spilled in to had a surface area of 4200m. Eco-Web developed a Wildlife Management Plan and along with capture specialists began a capture program of amphibians and impacted wildlife. Using a provincial specialist, bird inventories were performed to provide insight into population and species at risk involved in the rupture.

Apache Canada 15-9-116-06 W6M, Zama AB- Sour produced water release Wildlife Management Team

On June 1, 2013, Apache Canada Ltd. confirmed a produced water release on the pipeline system in the Vicinity of 15-09-116-06 W6M (Figure 1). The released fluids flowed south and southeast from the break location through an aspen upland and into the surrounding wetland. The area is a shrubby and treed fen complex with pooled areas created by beaver dams. The watercourse flows southeast to its confluence with the Zama River, approximately 18 km away. Eco-Web prepared and developed a Wildlife Management plan for the duration of the release including additional monitoring and research continuing into spring of 2014. The Wildlife management served as a liaison between regulatory bodies, industry and other spill response companies involved in the spill.

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